Amanda Nilsson at ÖTILLÖ World Championship 2022
Amanda Nilsson at ÖTILLÖ World Championship 2022. 📷 Pierre Mangez / ÖTILLÖ

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Talking to the lead pack

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Words from the Host

With this podcast, I wish to bring the voices of elite swimrun athletes to the world-wide English language audience.

For athletes and fans of the sport alike, we can all learn from the training, competing and lives of the top tier. I hope to spark inspiration among all of you as I’ll be ”talking to the lead pack”.

Andreas Ribbefjord

Andreas Ribbefjord
Podcast Host & ÖTILLÖ WC 8:57 finisher

Show Notes

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Ep5 September 2021: ÖTILLÖ World Championship predictions with Tomas Granberg


ÖTILLÖ World Championship 2021 predictions.



Episode cover photo: Jakob Edholm / ÖTILLÖ.

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Ep4 August 2021: ÖTILLÖ World Championship special with Tomas Granberg


ÖTILLÖ World Championship special — training, gear, the course, strategy.


Team sponsors:

Course map and leg descriptions: /course/


Episode cover photo: Mattias Hallgren / ÖTILLÖ.

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Ep3 May 2020: Ulf Hausmann — swimming special


Everything swimrun swimming — technique, specialized training, sessions, dryland, paddles, racing strategies etc.

Interview: Ulf Hausmann


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Ep2 April 2020: Fanny Kuhn


Talking about ÖTILLÖ WC, racing in the US and Spain, and Wild Swimrun.

Interview: Fanny Kuhn /athletes/Fanny Kuhn



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Ep1 March 2020: Hugo Tormento & Gilles Lafleuriel — France special


In this episode we talk current events of swimrun in France.

Interview 1: Hugo Tormento /athletes/Hugo Tormento

Interview 2: Gilles Lafleuriel The Salamander Ranking (TSR):