Swimrun Series Around the World

Flight mode in Pace Bend Park, Texas. Photo: Odyssey SwimRun.

The Breca Swimrun series, with races in the United Kingdom and New Zealand was one of the first to put on a series of races outside the famous ÖTILLÖ. Breca currently put on two races in New Zealand and five races thoughout the UK, with the new addition of a race in and around Loch Lomond in Scotland. Breca founder Ben de Rivaz has some history in the sport himself with an ÖTILLÖ World Champs 12:59:07 finish in 2012. Accomplished swimrun athlete Alan Scott has also been seen promoting the race.

Rockman Swimrun started already back in 2014 when 2019 mixed World Champ Simon Börjeson put on a race in scenic Stavanger, Norway. Rockman is now an ÖTILLÖ Merit Race and has since ventured to the Pyrenees, New Zealand, Denmark and most recently Scotland.

The Ignite Swimrun Series host five races in the United States, four on the east coast and one in Minnesota. Perhaps not yet the most competitive, Ignite shows how the sport is spreading rapidly in the US.

Odyssey SwimRun brings the sport to several locations on the US east coast — and Maine, where one of their two ÖTILLÖ Merit Races are held.

Aquaman Swimrun (formerly Swimrun Poland) hosts three races in Poland, the one in Solina also being an ÖTILLÖ Merit Race.

Torpedo SwimRun host several events in South Africa, one of them being so wild that racers are actually wearing helmets.

The Head Swimrun Series is a collaboration of several organizers in Spain and Portugal all under the banner of the well-known swimming gear brand.

There is a three-race Swimrun France series featuring an ÖTILLÖ Merit Race as of 2020.

Rumour has it that the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series will start organizing a swimrun in Geneva, Switzerland. Alot of things are surely developing in the sport of swimrun, with races popping up all over the world making this a fantastic time to be a swimrunner.